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    July 22, 2008, 2:52 pm
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    Why should I be bothered?

    Because one, or all of the below is going to hit you in the not too distant future as a direct result of the rise of social media

    The Hammer of Distribution

    Many of the ways information moves within your business and the way you communicate with the outside world is based on a mass distribution model which is becoming redundant. Read more…

    The Hammer of Transparency

    Your organisation can now be approached, interrogated and exposed in ways not previously possible. This will make it increasingly difficult to create and maintain trust – unless you work out a new way to build trust that recognises that trust is moving from institutions to processes. Read more…

    The Hammer of the Niche

    It is now becoming possible for many more competitors to enter your market and steal niche segments away from you. Unless you can ‘re-segment’ your band or business so it can deal with greater number of smaller segments, you face death by a thousand niches. Read more…

    What should I do about it?

    None of the things listed below are difficult or expensive to do and you will learn a lot by starting to do them.

    Understand your digital identity

    You already have one of these and it is not being created and controled by your web site or your current digital activities – but by your customers, consumers or other stakeholders. Read more…

    Work out your story

    What you said about your organisation and the way in which you said it will not be an efficient or effective way to communicate in the new social media space. An authentic band story is what you need as a starting point. Read more…

    Create discoverable content

    Its not about small and expensive pieces of content which you push-out to large numbers of people anymore. Rather it is about creating a large amount of ‘digital bait’ that will draw people to you. Read more…

    Manage the incoming

    Social media is as much a channel people will use to reach you as it is a channel for you to reach them. You need to create places to meet them, or else they will break in anyway. Read more…